Hospital numbers fall for two consecutive days as Portugal registers 82 further deaths

Within the dire statistics of death and rising infections, Portugal has registered some pandemic positives in the last couple of days. Hospital numbers reduced by a total of 93 people.

Numbers in infirmaries as well as in intensive care have thus reduced, although they are still as ‘high as they have ever been in ICUs’ (516 patients as of today).

New case numbers, which had been steadily falling for days, have suddenly spiked again: over 5,200 yesterday and 6,383 today.

Deaths have been mainly in the north (43), with Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo registering 26, the Central region 6, Alentejo 4 and Algarve one.

New infections run along the same lines: 3,414 in the north, 1,782 in Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo, 964 in the centre, 87 in the Alentejo and 85 in the Algarve.

Recoveries however are still ‘going strong’: 5,123 people deemed ‘recovered’ in yesterday’s DGS health authority bulletin, another 4,588 in the last 24-hours.

Again, very little is revealed on the ages of victims, but these appear to be overwhelmingly still in the over-70s and over-80s age groups, usually with ‘compound morbidities’.