Hospital numbers fall dramatically: Tuesday’s Covid bulletin

Numbers in Portugal’s hospitals have registered another steep fall in the last 24-hours, denoting more ‘success’ in the fight against Covid-19. There are 30 less patients in intensive care units than there were in Monday’s bulletin, and 125 patients less in hospitals generally. Considering the latest death toll was 30, this fall in numbers cannot be explained by death: people are recovering, Indeed another 1,872 people who previously tested positive for the virus are now testing negative. The overall figure for active infections has fallen to 60,493. Lisbon is still the ‘worst area for new infections’, registering 288 in the last 24-hours as opposed to areas like the Alentejo (+3 new infections) Algarve (+4) and Azores, registering no infections at all. For today’s bulletin in full click here.