Pinetrees Riding Centre poster

Horses, riders and E bikes at Pinetrees Easter event

The first event for this year at Pinetrees Riding Centre in Almancil is scheduled for Good Friday, April 7, starting at 10am.

Sponsorship has been secured with villa rental specialists SandyBlue to help make the day a success and fundraise for APPC Faro, which is the Algarve centre for cerebral palsy.

The day has the support of local businesses such as IBC, Algarve Fine Food, Equiloulé and DirtEbikers.

Judge Sue Gonçalves will put the riders through their paces in the morning’s riding classes – the serious part of the day.

After lunch, fancy dress will be donned (well done to the mums for their hard work!) for this popular class.

There will be a new team competition with a biker on an E bike and a horse and rider. Horse and rider will do an obstacle course, and the biker completes a trials course at the DirtEbikers hub, next door to the stables.

No doubt there will be enthusiastic participants out to win a SandyBlue rosette.

In addition, the event aims to collect 55 donated Easter eggs, which will be received by the Vicentinas ladies of São Lourenço Church and distributed to children in need in Almancil.

All are welcome.

If you need more information, contact Pinetrees on 919 363 190 (WhatsApp) or [email protected]