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Horse lovers pressure authorities

As the Resident went to press, a group of animal lovers was still being allowed to feed Lagoa’s 30 or more skeletal horses (see our story in last week’s August 29 edition).
Nonetheless, the situation continues to be “desperate”, Sharon Clarke of horse charity Their Voice told us.
Clarke has scheduled a meeting with Lisbon’s veterinary authorities (DGAV) for this Friday (September 5) in a desperate bid to get them, finally, to act.
“They must realise that this kind of treatment of horses, and all animals for that matter, cannot be allowed,” she told the Resident on Wednesday (September 3).
The horses belong to local resident António Félix – a man who hit the headlines over similar allegations of animal mistreatment two years ago.
Poisonings of animals “still a problem”
Yet another reader has contacted the Resident over sinister animal poisonings going on in the countryside between Paderne and Tunes.
This new source revealed that his dog had been poisoned by doctored meat left on dirt tracks in the area – just as many other animals have been this summer.
Luckily, in this case, the animal was saved by a rushed trip to the vet.
Our source said he suspects the meat was doctored with an agricultural pesticide.
For now, an email address has been set up by concerned locals in the area, so that people can discuss what action can be taken, and exchange information.
[email protected]