Horse beaten by man

Dear Editor,

Last week, my sister-in-law and I were in Praia de Luz where we saw a man beating a horse. We asked him to stop and I honestly thought he was going to hit us as he raised his arm, but he was stopped by one of his friends. The look in his eyes was pure evil and he spat at us.

It wasn’t until afterwards when we told our tale to some locals that we realised just how dangerous these individuals are.

I would still have done what I did even if I’d known. Someone has to stand up for these poor defenceless and beautiful creatures.

I understand cultural differences and that our values are different, but there can be no excuse for this type of behaviour. The authorities need to act and there has to be an education programme to try and eradicate this type of barbaric behaviour.

Jeanette Stafford

Address withheld
Editor’s note: Dear Jeanette, thank you for your email.
A similar case was detected in another area of Lagos. GNR police have confirmed they are investigating. Read more about this case on page 16.