Horror in Vila Real: Woman found strangled and thrown in rubbish bin

The daughters of an elderly woman missing since last Thursday were horrified to find their mother’s body in a blood-spattered rubbish bin.

Seventy-four year old Esmeralda de Jesus was found with a “bag over her head and flip-flops tied to her wrists”.

She had been strangled and showed signs of having been involved in a violent struggle, reports Jornal de Notícias.

Her daughters made the macabre discovery after noticing the blood stains around the bin.

According to initial reports, theft appears to have been the motive for the killing as €200 that the elderly lady was known to be carrying in her purse was missing.

As the small community of Sarzedo, Moimenta da Beira tries to come to terms with the horror, another pensioner was also reported to have been murdered – again for money – at his home in Samora Correia, Benavente.

João Henriques, 83, was found by his son with a cushion over his face and covered in blood. Everything indicates that he was stabbed, although no mention has yet been made of the murder weapon.

News reports say Henriques had been burgled in November and locals ‘knew that he kept money at home’.

GNR police are now understood to have upped their patrols of the area – but as yet details of both investigations are being kept under wraps.

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