Horror in Trancoso: husband of parish council president bludgeoned to death

Horror in Trancoso: husband of parish council president bludgeoned to death

Bruno Frias’ skull was smashed after he was forced from car

PJ police are investigating what looks like a carefully premeditated murder of the 41-year-old husband of the president of the parish council of Valdujo, Trancoso.

The prostrate body of Bruno Frias was discovered around 6am yesterday morning, on an access road leading towards a national road that was part of his everyday route to work.

The driver’s door of his grey Seat Ibiza was wide open; there were large stones in front of the vehicle – leading police to suspect he had been the victim of an ambush.

Bruno Frias would have got out of his car (to remove the stones) when he must have been attacked, from behind, by his killer/ s.

All these details are still to be properly established. But the facts are that the father-of-two young children (aged 9 and 13) was bludgeoned about the head and neck and left with a smashed skull.

He may have been lying in the road for as long as two hours. 

According to reports, his route to work at a slaughterhouse in Pinhel saw him passing the spot where he was murdered around 4am every day.

Correio da Manhã states that “the alert was given at 6am, but the crime will have been committed hours before”.

By the time emergency response arrived, there was nothing that could be done.

Bruno Frias was known locally as “Xau e Adeus”. He has been described over social media as  “a happy lad, liked by everyone, with his whole life ahead of him…”

Every comment refers to his “joy”/ “good nature”.

The parish of Valdujo “is in mourning”, says the Valdujo facebook page.

It is now up to police to try and find whoever it was that lay in wait for Bruno Frias in the darkness of Friday morning, and then savagely and single-mindedly took his life.

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