Horror as 4-year-old ‘bounces’ to death from Tavira terrace

A four year old boy fell to his death from a terrace in Tavira late on Tuesday night.

Tomás Revez was in the charge of his grandmother who was reportedly elsewhere in the apartment making him a slice of toast.

The alert went out at 15 minutes before midnight.

Tomás is described as having “lost his balance” while playing with his grandmother’s dog.

He fell from the terrace to a veranda below, writes Correio da Manhã.

Because this was “covered with a sheet as a form of sunshade it worked as a trampoline for the (child’s) body and he continued his fall into the street”.

PSP police are now investigating.

CM says Tomás was in his grandmother’s care due to his father working in the café he runs nearby.

The little boy’s parents are separated, says the paper, with the mother resident in Olhão.

When time INEM emergency workers arrived at the scene, the child was still showing signs of life, but he died later in hospital, having never regained consciousness.

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