Horror and revulsion as immigrant skins and fillets German Shepherd

Horror and revulsion have been instant reactions to the story of how an immigrant from Uzbekistan decided to get back at his former girlfriend by skinning and filleting her beloved German Shepherd.

Neighbours in the area of Montijo where the couple used to share a home say they are frightened “because if that’s what he did to an animal, imagine what he could do to a person…”

For now Dilshod Khodjaev remains a free man, despite being formally cited as an ‘arguido’ (official suspect) for animal cruelty.

There are however a number of complaints against him for violence “presented by his ex-girlfriend”, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã, and these are now being investigated with a view to measures being put into place to protect the woman.

What this case highlights however are the failings in the law to protect animals. In spite of the horrific scene that greeted PSP police called to the house, the crime for animal mistreatment “doesn’t provide for the application of preventive custody”.

In other words, people cited for it are almost always allowed to return to their everyday lives, irrespective of whether or not this is sensible.

In this case, regional online diariodistrito says locals want “popular justice” (meaning they want to be allowed to deal with Khodjaev themselves).

The 38-year-old immigrant – a butcher by profession – is understood to have lived in Portugal for at least 10 years and is believed to work at a Montijo meat-packing factory.

Since the brutal killing of an animal that is understood to have loved him, Khodjaev’s photograph has been widely shared over social media, with cybernauts suggesting various forms of popular justice.

PSP police called to the scene shortly after Khodjaev had dismembered the animal witnessed ‘an authentic bloodbath’. The dog’s thighs had been ‘seasoned’ and placed in the fridge, while there were entrails and blood spatters over walls, the floor and various units.

The animal’s head was later discovered in a rubbish bin outside.

Says CM, the whole apartment had to be professionally cleaned by a team called in by Montijo Council.

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