Horrific murder-suicides rock communities after two women cite partners for domestic violence

Two horrific cases of murder-suicide have shocked the country this week – both of them involving women who had finally plucked up the courage to complain about the domestic violence they were being forced to live with.

In Aljustrel, 49-year-old Eduarda Silva reported her husband for “threats and aggressions” following a flaming row last Saturday, writes national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

She spent two days with her mother and then responded to a request from her husband to come home.

She was shot at point blank range almost as soon as she arrived.

José Silva,53, then turned the gun on himself with at least one of the couple’s children in the house to discover the horror.

In Chaves, José Calvão Carvalho, 71, engineered an even more macabre ending for the loved one who had reported him for domestic violence.

He dismembered her with an axe, writes CM, after she returned from a day-trip to Spain and then turned on the gas and shot himself with a pistol.

The family’s dog died as well, says the paper, “probably due to gas inhalation”.

PJ police, alerted by the couple’s son who had been trying to contact his mother, found a “scene of horror” when they arrived at the couple’s blood-spattered home on Monday morning
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