Horrible traffic

Dear Editor,

Though these situations can happen anywhere at any time, I cannot believe that a sewage pipe had to burst on one of Portimão’s main roads to its western outskirts during the peak of the summer season.

Traffic between the Pedra Mourinha area and the V6 road has become something of a nightmare, especially at rush hour. Now, I have to leave home extra early if I’m to be on time to my commitments.

The new road they built is definitely helping, but it’s still not enough to ease what has become something of a chaotic area to drive in. Not to mention it is just a few hundred metres away from the town’s busy Aqua mall, retail centre and several other big stores, such as Norauto, Aki and Decathlon.

Now with August getting into fifth gear, I only expect things to get worse.

Here’s to hoping that those in charge will be able to fix the damaged road soon, and restore some normality to traffic in the area.

Andre Nunes
By email