Horrendous weather ‘round corner’, warn experts

Heavy downpours and “extreme wind phenomena” are once more threatened for southern Portugal (Faro, Beja and Setúbal districts), warn meteorologists.

Latest forecasts by IPMA have resulted in an alert by civil protection authority, ANPC.

IPMA suggests rainfall could be between 10-20 mm/ hour from Friday afternoon, while waves in Algarve areas could reach two metres – with high-tide due tomorrow just after 5pm.

The ‘bad news’ here is that the combination of high-tide and high waves could prompt the kind of devastating flooding that caused millions of euros-worth of damage in low-lying urban areas of Albufeira last year.

ANPC is warning of risks to what it terms “areas that are historically vulnerable”, treacherous road conditions and the “formation of sheets of water, flash floods in urban areas and possible accidents along the coast”.

In its warning to local populations, the authority recommends the adoption of “defensive driving, reducing speed and taking special care with the possible formation of sheets of water”.

Drainage channels should be kept clear and objects that might be carried away by rising floodwaters should be removed.

ANPC is further advising people against attempting to travel across flooded areas or beside the sea or rivers.

This latest warning follows a major storm 10 days ago when the Algarve and Alentejo registered four mini-tornados in the space of five hours, one of them damaging properties in Olhão and various vehicles, and widespread flooding thoroughout coastal towns.

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