Although you might have been feeling slightly below par just lately, your spirits should be raised at the start of this weekend by some good news, brought on by the tide of the Moon’s aspect to Mercury today (Friday). Perhaps things are not quite as bad as you had feared and your mind will probably be put at ease on Monday, following the Moon’s aspect to Venus. The Sun exits your sign around midnight on Monday and the influence of Venus holds the promise of romance for the unattached.


Mercury’s retrograde motion in your sign might have slowed your progress a bit but you are made of stronger stuff than to allow a little set back to stop you from attaining your goal. Tomorrow’s (Saturday) Moon in the sign of Libra makes overtures to Neptune, currently in your sign, which should help to stimulate your imagination and bring out the best of your creative talents. The Sun enters your sign late on Monday night and, on Tuesday, joins hands with Mercury to help things along in general.


The effects of Saturn’s retrograde motion, in your opposite sign Virgo, are likely to cause some tension this weekend in your solar house of partnership. Therefore, it might be prudent for you to take a back seat for a day or two and let things run their course. The Sun changes signs on Monday night, entering the sign of Aquarius which should bring a more calming influence all round. Younger family members are likely to be more flexible as they come round to seeing your point of view, on Tuesday.


The pace of life is bound to be slowing down a little, this week, as Mercury, the planet of movement and communication, is currently retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Tomorrow’s (Saturday) Moon, in your opposite sign of Libra, is likely to bring a touch of romance to your domain where a candlelit dinner might be greatly appreciated. You might look back on the last few months and find yourself having some regrets, in your personal life, where relations with loved ones are concerned.


You seem to be pressing on regardless and without complaint, despite the pressure of current circumstances. However, your praiseworthy efforts are as yet unnoticed but I am happy to say, not for much longer. The Moon’s aspect to Saturn, on Tuesday, is likely to serve as a catalyst in awakening your partner to the fact that you have been holding things together for quite some time. Should you happen to be in search of romance, the Moon favours a meeting of minds on Tuesday evening.


At long last you have the information that you have been waiting for and at least you now know where you stand and how to proceed in the scheme of things. However, you might find one or two “holes” in your initial spade work that need to be redressed, when the Sun exits the sign of Capricorn on Monday and enters the sign of Aquarius. Nevertheless, you seem to come out on top at the end of the day. For the unattached, the Moon sheds the light of romance on Wednesday night.


You might sometimes find yourself jumping to the wrong conclusion, taking some poor undeserving soul to task because of it and ending up with egg on your face. Tomorrow’s (Saturday) Moon sets the scene for you to fall into a trap such as that; so try to be gracious and save yourself from having to eat humble pie at a later date. However, the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on Monday night, which should help you to restore good relations with those around about you.


The Moon’s aspect to Mars might give you a rude awakening tomorrow (Saturday) morning, possibly in the guise of younger family members. However, a little arbitration is all that should be required to redress the problem and restore the peace. You will have to be careful with your hard earned cash and resist any impulse you might have to spend more than you can comfortably afford, particularly on Tuesday when the influence of Neptune could cloud the reality in your financial affairs.


Perhaps it is about time for you to take control of your outgoings, particularly where other members of your household are concerned. Tomorrow’s (Saturday) aspect between the Moon and Mars is likely to alert you to the possibility that you might have been taken for a bit of a ride. No one can blame you for putting your foot down and making it clear that money does not grow on trees! However, there is a bright spot on the horizon on Wednesday to help unclog the wheels of progress.


You might have experienced a difference of opinion with one or more of your acquaintances just recently; one of the effects of Mercury’s retrograde motion in the sign of Aquarius. This situation is likely to escalate tomorrow (Saturday), when the Moon and Mars are in conflict; in which case it would be wise for you to be as diplomatic as possible. However, there is an upside to this scenario and, as long as you play your cards accordingly, you will be in for a pleasant surprise.  Romance is in the air on Thursday evening.


Tomorrow’s (Saturday) conflict between the Moon and the fiery Mars is likely to cause a bit of friction in your domain. However, you have never been one to mince your words and I am sure that, on this occasion, you will get the message across! The Moon enters your sign on Sunday and moves to challenge Neptune on Tuesday morning, which might cloud the issue where business and financial negotiations are concerned. Wednesday’s Moon bodes well for a little light entertainment.


You seem to be well on the way to completing something that you started several months ago and now it is simply a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. There might be some opposition, perhaps from a partner tomorrow (Saturday) morning but nothing can stop you this week from attaining your heart’s desire. You might have your work cut out, should you happen to be travelling on Tuesday morning, due to the disruption wrought by the influence of the Moon’s conflict to Neptune.