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Horoscopes for October 12 to October 18

LIBRA (Sep 23 to Oct 23)

The Sun’s aspect to Neptune on Saturday will surely stretch your imagination towards painting a rosy picture for the immediate future. You might be pleasantly surprised at the start of the weekend when some extra cash becomes available, lending a celebratory air to the proceedings. If you happen to be unattached, Venus and Mars are working together in harmony on Tuesday evening to set the stage for romance.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 to Nov 21)

Mercury, currently in your sign, turns retrograde on Friday, which might slow the pace down a little in your sphere. However, you could take advantage of the lull by indulging in a bit of good old fashioned fun. Saturday’s Moon, in your sign, is likely to introduce a touch of mystery to an evening’s entertainment. Tuesday is a day when some shrewd thinking is required with regard to any business transactions. Take notice of a friend’s counsel on Wednesday.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 to Dec 21)

You might be feeling the effects of the last three days, in which case I suggest that you tell yourself that the past is over and done with. The Sun’s aspect to Neptune on Saturday will fill you with new ideas and help you to move forward with renewed optimism. Tuesday is a good day to look into your finances with a view to starting a new project. Mercury, Venus and Mars invite you to have some fun on Tuesday evening.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 to Jan 19)

The Moon’s conjunction to Mercury is likely to turn your attention to your social calendar, which might have to be amended at the start of the weekend due to some slight upheaval on the home front. However, Monday’s Moon will bring compensation by way of some unanticipated financial gain. Venus works her magic for the unattached on Tuesday. Wednesday’s Moon, in your sign, will help you on your way to the top of the mountain and you will feel on top of the world.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 to Feb 18)

Your sense of humour will help you to win through on Saturday as Neptune plays havoc with your well laid plans. However, things will begin to fall into place on Sunday and you might thank your lucky stars for the “divine” intervention of the previous day. Your ruling planet, Uranus, is currently retrograde and challenged by the Moon, which might account for any disruption that could take place in your business dealings on Tuesday morning.

PISCES (Feb 19 to Mar 20)

There are one or two drawbacks in the scheme of things as Mercury turns retrograde on Friday morning. However, your ruling planet, Neptune, is influential on Saturday to help you to come up with a brilliant idea, which will save the day. All you need is that little bit of self confidence to follow through to a successful outcome. Wednesday’s Moon, in the sign of Capricorn, favours all legal and financial matters, particularly in the realm of property and land development.

ARIES (Mar 21 to Apr 19)

You seem to be ahead of the game at present after a long haul against all odds. Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, which should give you leave to take things easy for a while. Saturday’s Neptunian influence is likely to fire your imagination and expand your mental and spiritual awareness into a higher dimension. Just remember to keep your feet on the ground! Thursday’s Moon demands some practical application in the work place.

TAURUS (Apr 20 to May 20)

Venus, your ruling planet, is currently moving through your solar house of leisure and pleasure. This does not mean that your time is spent in a continuous round of wining and dining. You are far too practical and hard working to succumb to that kind of lifestyle! However, the planetary aspects for the weekend suggest that you might take things easy for a day or two. Wednesday morning is a time to re-assess your aspirations and set yourself a new goal.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 21)

Mercury, your ruling planet, turns retrograde on Friday, which is likely to cause you some frustration as far as travel and communications go. In fact, I could go as far as to say that things could grind to a halt for a while. However, you aren’t lacking in resourcefulness and you are bound to think of a solution sooner rather than later. Tuesday’s aspect, between Venus and Mars, will bring about a reunion. Wednesday’s Moon points to contracts and all legal matters.

CANCER (Jun 22 to Jul 22))

Neptune’s influence on Saturday is likely to steer you towards partnership issues that need to be resolved. You might believe that you are blameless in certain matters but you would do well to remember that it always takes two to play tug of war. Tuesday’s Moon joins hands with the powerful Pluto, which could introduce some tension into the work place, whereas the evening is a time for romance. You can strike a bargain on Wednesday if you play your cards right.

LEO (Jul 23 to Aug 22)

Business is likely to pick up for you from Friday onwards. Saturday’s aspect, between the Sun and Neptune, will serve to bring you up to date with the gossip around the bazaars but, I strongly advise you to remain detached from it! You might be tempted to take up an offer that could be hard to refuse on Tuesday but you are advised to sleep on it. Wednesday afternoon is a time to make amends and lay a ghost from the past to rest.

VIRGO (Aug 23 to Sep 22)

The weekend might turn out to be one long round of misunderstandings, unless you are careful to avoid the pitfalls that are likely to emerge as a result of Mercury’s retrograde motion. The Sun’s conjunction to Neptune on Saturday will act as a cushion to ensure damage limitation. Things should have sorted themselves out by Sunday when harmony is restored and you are sufficiently rested to start the week, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Wednesday is your lucky day.