Horoscopes for June 22 to July 22


CANCER (Jun 22 to Jul 22)

You might have suffered a slight setback, in the last few days, with regard to your plans for the future. However, I advise you to persevere, as you are closer to success than you realise. The Sun entered your sign on the 21st to boost your self confidence and convince you that you are doing the right thing. The Moon’s conflict to Mercury, on Saturday morning, is likely to demonstrate the necessity for some sort of domestic change.

LEO (Jul 23 to Aug 22)

You might feel that you are being pushed out into the cold this weekend, but this can work to your advantage, if you can only see it. The wheels of progress sometimes appear to be moving in the wrong direction, but they do eventually carry you to your true destination. Saturn, currently in your sign, opposes Neptune on Monday, which could throw a spanner into the works, causing you to divert your course of action.

VIRGO (Aug 23 to Sep 22)

Mercury, your ruling planet, is currently retrograde in the sign of Cancer, which might explain the reason for your lack of energy and enthusiasm. Money matters have been giving some cause for concern just lately, so it is hardly surprising that you have been a bit under the weather. Part of the problem could lie in the fact that you have given little or no consideration to your personal needs and Monday’s opposition will, no doubt, highlight the fact, pressing you to do something about it before it is too late.

LIBRA (Sep 23 to Oct 23)

The Moon enters your sign on Friday and moves into conflict with the Sun, which could dampen your spirits somewhat at the start of the weekend. However, you are likely to be uplifted a bit when Jupiter steps in to extricate you from the doldrums on Saturday afternoon. You are advised to think twice on Monday before committing yourself and biting off more than you can chew as Saturn might catch you unawares.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 to Nov 21)

You might feel a little disappointed at the lack of support of an idea that is close to your heart. However, you might be looking in the wrong quarter, without considering the ability of those around you to actually understand what it is you are driving at. The Moon enters your sign on Monday, which will serve to assist you while you battle amid the confusion, thrown up by Saturn’s opposition to Neptune.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 to Dec 21)

You might abandon your plans for the weekend due to an oversight, which was, in all probability, brought on by your optimism. I would advise you to take stock of the situation throughout the course of Saturday’s proceedings, before making a decision or taking another step. You will see the sense in this on Monday, as Saturn opposes Neptune, changing the rules of the game somewhat.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 to Jan 19)

Treading treacle uphill might be an apt description of your current efforts towards “progress”. Nevertheless, persistence and perseverance are characteristic of those born under the sign of the goat and will help you to succeed in the end. Friday’s aspects are likely to frustrate your plans, no matter what, so take a deep breath and let things take their natural course, for the good of your health.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 to Feb 18)

The eccentric Uranus, your ruling planet, turns retrograde on Saturday, as if you do not have enough to deal with during the course of Friday’s proceedings. There is likely to be some upheaval on the home front on Saturday, which, I am happy to say, can be resolved throughout the course of events brought by Monday’s opposition between Saturn and Neptune. Wednesday could be a trifle tricky, if you happen to be involved in property or commercial transactions.

PISCES (Feb 19 to Mar 20)

The Moon moves out of harmony with the Sun on Friday, which is likely to create some tension in the work place, despite your efforts to keep the peace. The important thing for you to remember is not to transfer the problems of the workplace into your home life. It might be a good idea to spend Sunday relaxing with family and friends, in preparation for Monday’s opposition, between Saturn and Neptune, which might stir up a hornet’s nest, in your solar house relating to work and health.

ARIES (Mar 21 to Apr 19)

Friday’s plans are likely to go awry and all you can do is pretend to yourself that it does not matter. Saturday does not look very promising either when you might be confronted by an uninvited “guest”, which is probably the last thing that you need at present. Monday’s opposition between Saturn and Neptune is bound to test your strength of character, as well as your ability to suffer fools! The Moon’s aspect to Uranus on Tuesday might tempt you into overspending.

TAURUS (Apr 20 to May 20)

Friday and Saturday might not turn out to be too wonderful due to some conflict between the heavenly bodies. However, the fiery Mars enters your sign this weekend and, on Sunday, you are likely to find yourself feeling remarkably fit and full of beans. You will need all the energy that you can muster, in order to deal with a tricky situation, on Monday, where your ambitions for the future are concerned.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 21)

Pets and other small animals are likely to steel the show this weekend and, despite the difficulties that seem to beset those around about you, you take the line that the show must go on. However, it is doubtful that all your powers of persuasion will get you off the hook on Monday, when Saturn’s opposition to Neptune takes you on a rollercoaster ride. Wednesday is a day of reckoning, commercially and financially speaking, when you will be hard pressed to pull rabbits out of hats.