Horoscopes for April 20 to April 26

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 to Feb 18)

Despite the fact that you have tried your best to take time out for relaxation, you seem to have worn yourself out with the effort of it all. Perhaps you need to face facts and admit to yourself that you are in the habit of taking on too much. Saturday’s Moon brings an opportunity for you to say “no”, or simply say nothing at all and, believe me, it will be your salvation!  Monday is likely to bring the fruits of your labours in the business and commercial sense.

PISCES (Feb 19 to Mar 20)

Younger family members are likely to be the focus of your attention on Saturday, particularly at a time when important issues need to be discussed with partners. However, you need not imagine that anyone is going to suffer from a lack of attention, as your imagination will dream up a recipe to keep everyone happy.  Wednesday is a day to get down to the serious business of financial matters and commercial enterprise.

ARIES (Mar 21 to Apr 19)

Mars, your ruling planet, is at odds with Friday’s Moon, which might put you in a challenging situation with younger family members. The secret is not to give in on every count, but to hand them a carrot on the end of the stick! No matter how you proceed, however, your weekend will run like a well oiled engine. Monday is a good time to tackle the correspondence which is likely to have accumulated in the “pending” file.

TAURUS (Apr 20 to May 20)

There might be some slight difference of opinion on Friday between you and another party. However, the Sun’s entry into your sign, around midday, will surely inspire you to come up with a perfect solution to avoid a loss of face on either side. The weekend is opportune for those who wish to apply their creative skills to brighten up the home and hearth, although Sunday’s Moon will probably lure you away from your domain.

GEMINI (May 21 to Jun 21)

The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on Friday, which is likely to produce some positive results for your efforts on the career and work front. Saturday’s Moon in your sign opposes Pluto, which could provoke an argument between you and your nearest and dearest. You should not allow a difference of opinion to ruin what would otherwise be a good weekend. Wednesday’s conjuction between the Moon and Saturn might dampen your spirits for an hour or two.

CANCER (Jun 22 to Jul 22)

You might not be feeling quite yourself on Friday when the Moon, your ruling planet, opposes Pluto. However, I would advise you to refrain from going off at the deep end by reminding yourself of the rule of “damage limitation”, in order to retain good relations with those round about you. Sunday evening, on the other hand, is a time for relaxation and enjoyment.

LEO (Jul 23 to Aug 22)

Someone, or something, will no doubt try your patience on Friday morning, but patience and persistence will help you to win at the end of the day. Saturday could turn out to be rewarding for the unattached, when a friendship takes on a romantic air. The Moon’s conjunction to Saturn in your sign, on Wednesday, could fill you with unnecessary apprehension but you will find that things turn out to be better than you had anticipated.

VIRGO (Aug 23 to Sep 22)

There are a few loose ends that need to be tied up before you can make further progress on the business front and Friday is a good time for you to attend to those irritating minor details. Sunday’s Moon advises relaxation through some therapeutic working with the soil in the garden, if at all possible. If you happen to be involved in property transactions, the Moon’s conjunction to Saturn could bring the promise of a deal to the table on Wednesday.

LIBRA (Sept 23 to Oct 23)

You seem to be on the move, in one way or another, and feeling just a little unsettled at present. However, Friday’s events might just turn out to your advantage, as long as you recognise an opportunity when you see one. Saturday is a good time to retreat into a place of tranquillity if you can and get in touch with your true feelings. Having done so, you can take advantage of the Moon’s conjunction to Saturn on Wednesday and turn your life around.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 to Nov 21)

The Moon joins hands with the harmonious planet, Venus, on Friday morning, which will fill you with good intent at the start of the day. However, your good intentions could go awry as Mars moves in to turn up the heat! Saturday will be less arduous and there might even be time for a little relaxation, coupled with friendly banter among the more senior family members.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 to Dec 21)

You are likely to experience a ‘sense of humour’ failure at sometime around Saturday. However, you would be wise to allow yourself to rise above those irritating discrepancies that make up the human nature and continue onward in your own sweet way. The weekend might not run as smoothly as you would like but, there will be other times when everything will go according to plan.  Wednesday will turn out to be a lot more rewarding for the unattached.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 to Jan 19)

Saturday evening holds the promise of romance, for young and not so young, alike. The Moon in your opposite sign of Cancer joins hands with the fiery Mars on Sunday, which will ignite the flames of passion or of fury, depending on your disposition. Your energy levels are likely to remain quite high, making Monday a good time for application to business.