Your intuition is powerful at the moment, particularly for financial and domestic matters. This is a time for setting goals and visualising. Spending time on the home and family is likely at the moment. Family life continues on an upbeat path with only a few tension filled moments this week. Move forward with the planning stage on a home improvement project or give your house a spring cleaning once Venus returns to Aries, your domestic sector today (Friday).


Enthusiasm for learning brings you rewards this week, and your mind is especially sharp. Communications are strong, and love may even come through them, or through learning environments. Intellectual ties in existing relationships assume more importance to you than usual. Your personal stores of energy are tremendous, but don’t overestimate what you can do. This weekend you’ll feel especially close to family and is an ideal time to host a get-together for friends.


You are busy thinking about and organizing your personal finances at the moment. You will have done well to have put off major financial outlays until now, when you can now take this time to budget. Career opportunities are strong at present, and begin to show themselves towards the end of this month. The New Moon today (Friday) in Taurus, could bring with it some extra work or a chance to make extra money on the side.


Venus continues to move through your solar first house from today (Friday). During this period, you will maintain a strong desire for companionship and sociability. You want to maintain peace and harmony at all costs. Your demands and needs in love continue to remain strong towards the end of the week, but may not be answered as you’d like. Things will improve by May though when you’re getting exactly what you want.


Venus moves through your solar twelfth house from today (Friday). Matters of the heart touch you deeply. You may willingly play a supportive role to a partner, offering more compassion and selfless love. At the beginning of the week, the lines between friendship and love could blur, as this is a strong time for personal enjoyment and rewards through friends and contacts. Now is the time to research and reflect upon your goals. It can be a time when past actions catch up with you.


Opportunities to expand your horizons, physically or mentally, arrive from tomorrow. Luck usually attracts luck – which is perhaps why you could do well tomorrow (Saturday). But it might just be but good education and attention to detail that brings you good fortune. Pamper yourself this week, get a massage, enjoy some rare quiet/down time. Sounds might disturb/distract you more than usual so listen to your intuition and what your inner voice is trying to tell you.


Professional matters are especially important for you at present. While complicated, towards the end of the week, great satisfaction from business affairs is likely to lift your spirits, and the fruits of your labour are rewarded. Interesting surprises could be in store, particularly through foreign connections. Matters surrounding shared finances and intimacy have a magical quality to them this year, and evidence of this has been clear all this month.  


This weekend is strong for intimacy, security, and affection. Towards the end of the week, career matters come into focus, especially money-making ideas, although you still manage to balance your life with rewarding extra-curricular activities. You’re a star this week with the Sun, Mercury and the New Moon today (Friday) all shining on your 10th house of social status, career and ambition. Communication with relatives has been upbeat recently but avoid talks this week to avoid confusion.


This weekend, creative and exciting opportunities to attract or enhance a partnership occur. The New Moon today (Friday) is reason enough to take off for a week’s holiday or plan a long weekend getaway. If that’s impossible because of work and other commitments, set aside a few weekend days to explore the cultural offerings in the region. If you’re travelling on business at the moment, try to take an extra day or two for yourself.


The New Moon today (Friday) is a cosmic breath of fresh air for you – triggering your 8th house of joint resources and projects. It’s a great time to start something new with another person –  it doesn’t matter who with but it’s a good time to join cosmic forces. You may now feel more able to enjoy your social life. There is a strong connection between love and work this week, and if social opportunities through work present themselves, be sure to grab them.


Golden career opportunities may arise today. Money matters that have to do with domestic affairs, real estate, and creative projects are also very strong. Be careful not to overextend yourself on Saturday and Sunday, when rest is more appropriate. The New Moon today (Friday) in Taurus prompts some Scorpios to take a relationship to the next level or establish a home of their own if you’re living with a flatmate.


Playful activities and hobbies, and generally finding pleasure in life are themes this week. You are also absorbing information like a sponge, so all matters related to learning, teaching, speaking, and writing are expected to run particularly well at the moment. Towards the end of the week, you need to concentrate more on your work.  To get the very best from current planetary influences it’s important to follow through and do every task to the best of your ability.