Hoping is not enough

Dear Editor,

I write in response to your article ‘Golf market down but UK players still key’ (Algarve Resident, July 23 edition)

If the figures quoted in the article also took into account 2008, it would paint an even gloomier picture.

And 2010 does not seem to be performing any better. Here in the Algarve the average cost of a round of golf has not gone down but remained more or less even to the previous year.

However, the average cost is definitely not 53.40 Euros! In golfing season, as this is what we are discussing, it must be at least on average 70 Euros at agency rates.

Meanwhile, the UK home golf travel sector has responded with some very appealing offers for golfers to remain and play in the UK. 

The Algarve has already lost many golfers and the question is how to get them back and keep those who are already here.

True, exchange rates have played a part but the blame cannot rest just there alone – after all the Irish are not here in the numbers that they once were. 

Supply now outstrips demand and the marketing mix of price, product and promotion is now out of alignment.

There is no longer a justification for buggies, trolleys, on course and off course refreshments to be at the level as they were when demand outstripped supply.

Golfers like a post game drink in the clubhouse. So now instead of paying 4.50 Euros for a beer they go in search of ‘happy hour’ deal of as low as one Euro and probably a snack to go with it as well.

We need to attract them back with a dazzling array of deals and service levels both on the course and off the course.

The product is a good one it just needs re-marketing. Hoping for the good days to return is not enough.


By email