Hooded ATM thieves destroy Sintra café in ‘surgical attack’

A Sintra café is closed this week after its windows were blown in, and equipment badly damaged in what police dubbed a ‘surgical attack’ on the ATM machine, located in the building next door. The explosion, at just after 3am on Sunday morning, has left locals terrified, and reluctant to give many details of the three hooded men they say were responsible for the attack.

Police are investigating while Pastelaria Laço de Mel in Algueirão remains closed for business.

According to Correio da Manhã, the café’s owner is not sure how he can reopen, as damage to his establishment’s contents and machines is so severe.

The attack involved thieves sawing through iron bars giving access to the café, and then ‘injecting gas’ through the wall to the building next door (in which the ATM machine was sited).

The trio, which made its escape at high speed in a Volkswagen car, managed to remove “two metal boxes”, adds CM. filled with at least €40,000 in cash.

The gang is believed to be the same that has targeted other ATMs in the area.

Talking to CM, locals have said they are “frightened the thieves might return”.