Honesty in Portugal

Last week we were lucky to have two friends come to stay from Ireland. Sean is a fantastic horse man, and was very happy to help ARC Horse Welfare, who are saving the lives of numerous wild foals.
We helped catch, load and move some of them to their new homes. Sean lost his wallet on the second day of his week here, including all his money, cards, driver’s licence, etc.
We searched the area near Messines for three hours, but were unsuccessful. A couple of days later, we offered to help again. During this time, I was told that Sean’s wallet had been handed into the Silves police. We rushed there, delighted to have the wallet returned, hoping at least to recover all his cards and paperwork. Imagine our delight, when the GNR counted out all the money in front of us to check it was all still there! It made so many people’s day, most of all our visitor, Sean. It’s heartwarming to know there are still honest people out there, including a sterling job by Silves GNR.
The next day we arranged to meet up with the elderly gentleman, senhor Serafim da Silva, and Sean thanked him in person and gave him a reward. He was walking on cloud nine, he and his wife were so proud, and so they should be.
It has been a brilliant reflection on him and Portugal as a whole.
Well done!
Diana Flynn
By email