Honda Portugal recalls 5,000 ‘fire risk’ vehicles

If you are driving a Honda from the year 2000 to 2005, you should read on. Your car may be a free-wheeling fire-trap. The reason stems from a fault in the airbag which is causing Honda Portugal to recall 5,000 vehicles (two million worldwide), and which caused Toyota to embark on a similar campaign earlier this month, calling in 2.27 million vehicles.
Needless to say, Honda Portugal is playing down the drama, saying that many of the vehicles affected may already be off the road due to their advanced age.
Either that or they may have been called in during a previous campaign.
And while a document submitted to Japan’s transport ministry points to the potential fire risk connected with the faulty airbag system, Honda Portugal is quick to allay fears, saying instead that a frontal crash could produce “excessive internal pressure which could cause the airbag to rupture and cause eventual damage to the vehicles occupants”.
Whatever the risks, this latest campaign is designed to reel drivers in so that their airbag system can be substituted.
Jornal de Notícias advises anyone with a Honda that despite its advanced age is still running should contact their nearest dealer to organise the substitution which will be free charge.