Homeless people to be given cameras to photograph Porto

Fifteen homeless people have accepted the photo-challenge to “look at Porto through different eyes”. They will receive their cameras on Monday (October 17) at the same time as undergoing a training workshop. The idea, promoted by Porto borough council, the Portuguese photography centre, Fujifilm, Olhares and the Portuguese Institute of Photography is not just to get a new look at Porto, but to help integrate people who are otherwise marginalised.

It is one of a number of initiatives involved in the “Portugal, Best Destination” project and will go on to be taken up in other towns and cities.

The idea is that participants get a week to ‘snap their different look’ at popular spots, after which they return their cameras to organisers who will upload the results onto an online platform.

Votes will then determine which shots get to be shown in an eventual exhibition at the Portuguese Centre for Photography, in Porto.