Homecare assistance and social support from Algarve Care Services

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Algarve Care Services is a leading homecare agency that serves the whole of the Algarve region. We offer a full range of care packages available to both residents and those visiting the Algarve on holiday. Our dedicated international team of trained, English-speaking carers are available around the clock, seven days a week, providing quality in-home care for people who require assistance.

In addition to homecare assistance, Algarve Care Services are looking forward to a huge expansion in the near future with the introduction of our new Day Care Centres aimed at the expat market. The focus of the centres will be around supporting those with dementia although everyone who needs daily social support will be welcome.

Algarve Care Services have also launched a new charitable organisation called Memory Lane Algarve. The organisation aims to support those who are affected by dementia and loneliness by coordinating a number of friendly events and activities that encourage social inclusion in the local community. Events range from monthly Memory Cafés to picnics and quiz nights.

All the events are supported by a team of professional care givers from Algarve Care Services as well as the team of Volunteer Memory Makers. The events are mainly free to attend because of the generous fundraising efforts from various groups and individuals living in the Algarve.

If you know someone who is living with dementia and would like to know more about the events and other activities happening with Memory Lane around the Algarve, please visit www.memorylanealgarve.com for more information.