Peacock bed
Peacock bed

Home trends for 2023

2023 home trends promise curved edges with a softer impact and some dramatic accents; it’s all about home comfort at the heart of the home.

Whatever your style, décor trends are sure to make interiors even homelier in 2023.

Goodbye to major minimalization. After spending the last two years dealing with a global crisis from home, it’s time to soften up and surround ourselves with a little more warmth, colour and interest. With that said, we’ll see less austere living rooms replaced with living spaces finished with maximalist furniture, boldly patterned wallpaper and lots of personal touches.

Soften with curves. Alcoves are returning and it’s time to add that arch or that niche – a great way to enhance your artwork, plants or mirrors. These architectural features are making a comeback. Alcoves and niches can also offer practical solutions so they can become a functional area, or you can create that area of zen to read or work.

Seating is soft and functional: Crescent sofas, egg chairs, and circular rugs all add to this new softer look. 2023 home décor trends are moving on. Say hello to oblong mirrors, architectural details, and mushroom lighting. Cabinets, credenzas, and nightstands also have a curvier outlook for the future.

Colours for 2023 are natural, with a splash of bling with subtle golds, lavender, blues and greens. Add some checked patterns and incorporate them into curved shapes, a cushion or a frame.

Lighting is over sized, big bold and soft in shape, arched, round, or even misshapen, but certainly bigger than we have seen before. Gold or brass lamps see a return too.

White bedding
White bedding

Kitchens next year see us say goodbye to tiles and in comes kitchen wallpaper; new papers have been designed specifically for the kitchen and are even suitable as a splash back.

Here in the Algarve, we can bring the outside in. Maximise natural light in 2023 using big bold leaves in wallpapers or pictures, with plants in pots that roll in or out.  Green and blue are the main accents in living rooms and a lot of personal touches. New style windows and floors suitable for inside and out will also arrive next year. Gone are the heavy-look windows, in are the big, bi-folding sheer glass-look windows and doors. They will be over hanging terraces to keep the heat out and extend our living areas.

Bathrooms are more likely to have furniture, gone is the fitted sink unit and in its place, we see recycled dressers with a marble top that is topped by your sink.   Goodbye functional fitted bathroom cupboards, back in fashion comes the good old fashioned linen cupboard – fill it with soft luxury towels in soft natural colours. You can find over 40 colours to choose from at

Then decorate the bathroom with shells collected from the beach, mirrors with shell frames and pearl style lighting. Towels for 2023 are soft in colour and texture.

In the bedroom are curved-shaped headboards covered in soft plush fabrics, a big cushy bed with pillows galore.

When it comes to textiles, if you are looking for a touch of luxury in the bedroom, there is a huge choice of wonderful textiles made in Portugal all available at

We see the return of Portuguese natural bedspreads and throws making our bedrooms plush with matching or coordinating cushions adding that peaceful vibe. Natural colours and natural fabrics are in vogue for 2023 keeping the bedroom soft yet fresh and cool.

For all ranges of quality bedding, then look no further than Portugal is head and shoulders above the rest of the world and renowned for their high quality and carefully crafted fabrics.

Portuguese bed linen combines experience, craftmanship, innovation and modernity which are all rolled up into individual creations and exquisite bedding collections. All made with the highest quality material, with linen, cotton and Tencel being the most important for the bedroom.

Have you added that hotel quality topper? Make sure it’s suitable for hot countries and look at the range of sizes.  Look at high quality latex which doesn’t need to be too deep due to the quality of the foam, surround it with a Tencel cover to keep you cool in the summer and snuggly in the winter. Some hotel toppers are covered with cambric cotton – high quality luxury for you and your guests.

By Karen Love

By Karen Love

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