Fall into autumn

Home Trends – Fall into autumn

The home trend that we see for this autumn is to combine the neutral grey and white interiors that we have become so used to with an autumnal colour pallet.

Interiors are now becoming warmer, cosier, and it’s more about comfort. So many of us are working with a colour base of cool neutral colours, now it’s easy to use this base and add warm wood tones or splashes of vivid colour in small unique details, soft beachy or earthy pastel colours, or even a combination of softer hues with brights in small doses.  Comfortable, relaxed beauty that invites us to move from the grey and white interiors we have become used to.

Collaboration of colours is key for 2022. The trend I enjoy is to use light blue, navy, laurel green, and terracotta – to me, they work perfectly together.

The terracotta feels very end of summer/early fall and the green and blues can easily transition through to winter and summer particularly for coastal and country locations. Utilising colours in your space can allow you to seamlessly flow from one season to the next with minimal effort.

Going into fall 2022, the forecast is already seeing a shift in design styles and trends, moving out of the bright bold and pastel colour palettes into calming naturals and warm earth tones.

Fall into autumn

Autumn colour ideas

These colours are the classic colours of autumn. Caramel- and auburn-coloured leaves litter the forest floor. To use these rich brown tones in your home, it’s best to add a fresher colour to lighten the overall feel of the room. Perhaps a flash of yellow-gold of the leaves before they turn, but the green of the trees will work equally well.

Combine the statement tones of red with more understated neutrals. This palette is sure to draw the eye and have guests admiring your luxury décor. The colour is perfect to add small pops of design to an otherwise traditional and neutral home.

The vibrant teal sky works perfectly with the burnt orange colour of the leaves. A teal shade could easily be used to add interest to a colour scheme of warm brown and orange tones. The odd accessories in this cool blue/green hue such as a vase or scatter cushion will make the look feel much fresher and modern.

Keep the outdoors cosy too

Here in Portugal, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors will always be on trend. Outdoor living spaces equipped with cosy fireplaces, outdoor heaters, or fire pits give us the ability to keep entertaining outdoors. The winter drop in temperature is inevitable, but we can design to capitalise on every good weather opportunity year-round.

Use a great range of soft cosy throws and mix them with some weather-proof exterior cushions. Keep the outside looking cosy.

Fall into autumn

Keeping cosy

Colours are visually vital and, overall, designers predict that the layering of textures and unique accents dressed in blues and rich greens will balance a space and allow for flexible design. Textures of velvets, cottons and wool through the use of a mix of cushions, throws and rugs will be perfect.

Warm nights

As the nights become cooler in bed, the best way to keep warm in Portugal is the same way that we dress in the day – with layers.

Start with a duvet of your choice, a summer tog works (4.5) through most of the season, and you can add layers when you need them. Adding layers instead of a single warmer tog duvet is also practical for those partners who have different body heat requirements in bed.

You can add a cotton waffle blanket to top your duvet and, as the temperatures drop further, add a bedspread; each layer adds an extra tog of warmth.

Fall into autumn

Don’t forget you can use just a sheet and bedspread in some of the summer months too, without your duvet. So, it’s a good investment. Linen-etc.com has some great Portuguese bedspreads.

I do know there are some of us who like to get really cosy at night. Linen-etc.com have added a simple, but effective, design to the duvets and, without spending a fortune, you can simply tie two 4.5 tog duvets together giving you a perfect 9 tog duvet.

Now is the time to get ready to cosy up for the beautiful autumnal season.

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