Photo of a UK family who calls Vilamoura home

Home sweet home – stories of those who call Vilamoura home

There are as many reasons for why people move to Vilamoura, as there are people who choose to do so. The town attracts an array of residents, everyone unique, from young families to entrepreneurs to retirees.

For Kelly Murtagh, who moved from Galway, Ireland to Vilamoura to start a family over a decade ago, it was the combination of outdoor activities, a healthy lifestyle and the climate that caused her to choose Vilamoura. She comments: “All the amenities were available in the town and, now that the kids are all older, we cycle to the marina and use nearby biking trails. They also like to sail and Vilamoura has a very good marina and sailing club for youths.”

For English couple Justin and Tracy, who bought a home in Vilamoura in 2016, a quality diet and climate are key drivers behind their plan to retire in the Algarve next year: “Vilamoura is where our heart is; we love it – we love the people and of course the food. Take a look at TripAdvisor and see how many restaurants rated 4.5/5.0 are listed. We try new places every time we visit.”

Greg Boegner, meanwhile, who moved from Los Angeles to Vilamoura over ten years ago, found it to be the ideal base from which to start and grow his own business, Portugal Confidential. He bought an apartment in 2008 and cannot think of any reason to leave in the years since. Greg comments: “At the risk of sounding like a marketing brochure, Vilamoura has everything. There are many villages, resorts and neighbourhoods across the Algarve but, to me, Vilamoura has the perfect combination of ideal seaside location, modern infrastructure, everyday conveniences and healthy lifestyle.”

Although it was Vilamoura’s suitability for raising a family that drew Kelly originally, like Greg she has found the destination allows her entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. Kelly runs her own Art & Design studio, Omey Projects, from Vilamoura, and works with clients around the world. She reports that there are “many, many opportunities” for those looking to set-up their own businesses and work remotely in Vilamoura. She loves doing so in a way that suits her family lifestyle, while the children love their school and are surrounded by friends.

Rob Jenner, CEO of Vilamoura World, sums it up beautifully: “People connect with Vilamoura for different reasons, yet all of them share that same deep sense of belonging — it’s a very special place, with a rich and varied natural environment that appeals to people from around the world.

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Aerial view of the Vilamoura marina

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