Home remedy to soothe tired looking eyes

By Samira Mohamed Ali [email protected]

Having modelled since she was 11 years old for high profile brands and companies around the world, Samira Mohamed Ali is “very proud” to be half Portuguese and half Arabic, with a strong Welsh accent! Samira, who is a regular Algarve visitor, brings you natural remedies to combat puffy eyes and dark circles..

The beauty market is a multi-million Euro industry with every woman wanting to purchase that new product that removes dark eye circles, helps with cellulite or even makes their skin glow.

I’m finding that it’s not just women, it’s girls starting at such a young age to compete to look their best.

On average, a woman will spend the majority of her money on beauty products or treatments above buying clothes.

Women will even share clothes or search charity shops for clothes but when it comes to beauty products or make-up, they believe the more they spend the better the product is.

At the moment in society, money is tight in households to buy everything that a woman thinks she needs and this is when she becomes:

• Not confident with her looks

• Argues with her partner over money

• Self-conscious

• Wastes money on a lot of cheaper

products that don’t suit her skin

Most products on the shelves contain a lot of chemicals and hidden products to make them last but you find that when your skin gets used to it, the results won’t last and, actually, you will see them stop effectively working.

This is why so many people change their make-up and products regularly.

So I have gone back-to-basics. It’s simple, saves a lot of money and it’s also natural and really works so much better than any of those €100 creams.

I have teamed up with allotments in South Wales valleys and scientists in University to help me do my in-depth research.

In future editions of the Algarve Resident, I will be updating you on home remedies for different beauty issues.

These recipes are so good you will really want to try and lick your own face! With the leftovers, you may even tempt your partner at trying them…

This edition’s star remedy is for the eyes. If you suffer with dark circles or puffiness, try this recipe for two weeks and see the difference.

You will need:

8 Thin potato slices

8 Thin cucumber slices

2 Tablespoons of ice cold water


1) Add all ingredients in a bowl and electric whisk to create a paste.

2) Then place a spoon full of the paste on two cotton wool pads.

3) Place the cotton wool pads onto eyes for 3-5 minutes and wipe clean.

4) Place the rest of the mixture in the fridge. This should last for two days.

Research has concluded that dark circles and puffiness are caused from either stress, lack of sleep or dehydration.

What the potato starch does is hold all the minerals and water content of the cucumber together until it makes contact with the skin.

The skin will then happily absorb all the goodness from the paste and, in a few days, you really should see an incredible natural transformation to the eye area. This will help the dehydration and also the enzymes let off by stress should be less noticeable.

I will be giving hidden tips on how to naturally whiten teeth so you look like a Hollywood star!