Home of woman found buried in garden raided by thieves

The Algarve home of 72-year-old Brenda Davidson – the woman whose partner remains behind bars charged with her brutal murder – was raided shortly after her belated funeral last week.

Police are reported to be unsure how much was taken from the Alcalar house that has been left empty since 59-year-old Nigel Jackson was taken into police custody. They are hoping for the return of the dead woman’s son, Dean Davidson – who is understood to have flown over for the funeral in Mexilhoeira cemetery but to have already returned to the UK.

As the Resident reported in January (https://www.portugalresident.com/british-man-arrested-after-wife%E2%80%99s-body-found-buried-in-algarve-garden), Mrs Davidson’s long-term partner former taxi-driver Jackson revealed her death after police arrived at his home, alerted by Dean Davidson who had been trying to get hold of his mother for two months.

Jackson is understood to have told police she committed suicide and that he had buried her body in the garden.

He led police to the burial site, where Mrs Davidson’s body was found rolled up in a tarpaulin and packed under concrete.

An autopsy revealed various deep lacerations to her head and neck which did not bear out Jackson’s story.

Jackson had originally told neighbours that his partner had gone to England to be treated for a “nasty cough”.

According to reports in the Portuguese media today (Thursday), a number of objects appear to have been stolen during the recent break-in.

Police explained that the property is detached and not easily overlooked by passers-by.

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