Home décor trends for 2022

After two years of change and hours stuck indoors, many of us will be feeling the urge to upgrade our living spaces.

Shall we go for our predictable coat of paint in habitual colours? Or shall we wander outside of our comfort zones and go with the trends of 2022?

Most of us are guilty of defining our favourite colours and steadfastly sticking with them – even as other aspects of our lives may change, these are the comfort colours that we know and love and, to a large degree, our homes reflect our personalities. Mr & Mrs Flamboyant prefer brighter shades that make a statement and are likely to splash them over their walls and even have key soft furnishings which are bold and bright, whereas Mr & Mrs Zen will gravitate toward neutrals to keep their spaces just as calm as they are.

Bold colours

You don’t have to go big to transform the look of your living space. You can give your property a fresh new look just by switching the smaller textile items. Throws and cushions add colour and texture, and try adding more of the ‘senses’ into your property, such as light, movement and fragrances via fresheners, essential oils, sprays or candles – these elements can make a big impact.

I have noticed that, in the Algarve, rental properties often have themes such as ‘country’, ‘beach’ or ‘coastal’ and they use limited palettes with eclectic designs. The outcome is always visually pleasing and usually very simple.

This year, the décor trends are for deeper colours with bright pops and a definite use of double colours. It seems that we are all craving for change, a new beginning with the combination of deep and vibrant colours alongside soothing or familiar shades, like greens, ochres, brick or blue tones.

There is also a big trend this year of using vibrant or textured wallpaper on one ‘picture wall’. Fortunately, there are some great wallpapers and coordinating paint displays in some of the local home décor stores.

This double colour trend extends to paints and wallpapers too, so don’t forget that the colours you choose have a direct impact on your mood and the mood of your guests if you are renting your property. As it turns out, the reviewers tell us that many of the top home design trends of 2022 are repeats of concepts we’ve enjoyed and used in past years, but it’s not due to a lack of creativity; it could simply be that we are more confident this year to lean into our personal tastes and needs.

Interior trends appear to be against the ‘big-box’ retailers, and favour a broader mix of new and existing items within our homes with lots of thought on re-use and recycle rather than throwing items away when we become bored with them.


There are a lot more artisans now either selling products online or joining forces and opening stores that offer a great range of individual and unique home items. Artisan fabrics such as cushions and throws can come in truly original designs and colours. It’s great to go searching in towns like Lagos, Olhão or perhaps the old town of Faro. Or travel to the older interior areas such as Silves, Monchique or the beautiful Alentejo to find a mix of traditional and new design wares.

Karen’s tips

I like to trade out the smaller things in my décor, new coloured and coordinating cushions or lighter throws or blankets are a great way to add a fresh twist.

If you are in the country with country views, I find using green makes my home feel bigger as it replicates the green of the valley, bringing the outside in. I have beige flooring and light sage green sofas, quite neutral, but when I added this year’s deep colours, it truly made my home vibrant and fresh. Against the sage settee, I have chosen deep emerald green and introduced a new burnt orange colour with a mix of throws and cushions. I also know that bright ochre looks good in my property.

I was fortunate to own a property by the sea some years ago; I replicated the colours of the sea and the sky, used light fabrics that moved in the breeze and added mirrors to reflect the light and the view of the sea. I used different shades of blue for soft furnishings in soft pastels mixed with more vibrant hues. Driftwood trims, seagrass rugs, all of these items are available across Portugal in retail and online outlets.

By Karen Love

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