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Home alarms cold calls

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you to report about this cold-calling EAS security company.

They address you with your first and last name, informing you of major break-ins in the area I live, asking about what type of security I have etc. etc.

Asking them how they get my name and telephone number, all they say is that it was given to them by the Câmara Municipal, in cooperation with their company to see to it that all residents have a security system placed at their home, all expenses paid for by the CM (I thought the country is in a crisis!) and that most Councils are short of funds.

The phone call from this evening, November 30 at 7pm, was the third call in two weeks.

You are absolutely right that this company has to be stopped for spreading false information, scare mongering and putting you into making expenses that are certainly not necessary.

Also I now feel more insecure just by the fact that they have my telephone number and know my name!

They claim that the CM are working along with them to get all residents in so-called danger zones an alarm system that can only be bought through them.

This has to stop!

Feeling that a just police investigation should be in its place…