Holy Trinity Feast

Sunday, June 19, was The Feast of the Holy Trinity, celebrated at St. Vincent’s Luz Bay by children from the Kids and Youth Clubs of Barlavento School, term having just finished.

Remarkable for the devotion and joy of the young people who led the Service, and especially for the clarity of diction and enthusiasm, a full Church was lifted from its usual comfort zone to a higher plane of worship.

The Service was woven round the essential core of the Eucharistic liturgy, enhanced by a dramatic telling of the story of David and Goliath by the children who also led the hymns, prayers and Intercessions, with singing accompanied by organist Marion Creber and Father Haynes on guitar.

During Communion, three youngsters sang hymns unaccompanied, their shy beginning encouraged by humming from the body of the Church which grew in strength as the trio gained confidence. It was wonderful.

None of this could have happened without the help of Vanessa Cocksedge, Jennifer Floether and Kerry Burr as well as the total support of the two youth clubs by Father Haynes.

Unless the Church has young members coming along, its life is very limited.

Margaret Brown