Hollywood in Portugal

Plans are in place to try to lure more film-makers to Portugal. The government wants to turn Portugal into a type of European Hollywood – Tourism Minister Telmo Correia, in particular, is known to be particularly keen to see more films shot here.

Some Portuguese locations have already featured in movies – the Sean Connery thriller The Russia House, for example, was filmed in Lisbon, sending images of the capital across the world and attracting tourists in the process.

Correia and Culture Minister, Maria João Bustorff Silva, have already met representatives from the Portuguese Tourist Institute, the Institute of Cinema and Multimedia and the Institute of External Commerce in order to plan an assault on Hollywood directors.

A mission team will be formed, staffed by members of the Ministries of Tourism, Culture and Economic Affairs, who will form an action plan aimed at informing international studios, producers and filmmakers about the undiscovered potential in Portugal. In addition, they will present a map showing attractive locations that could be used in films.