Your patronising comments

Holiday in Portugal

Dear Editor,

Before the pandemic, we had booked a holiday in the Algarve as we have done for the past six years. We and our grandchildren all love the area and have had some wonderful vacations there.

About the time the UK went into lockdown, we were advised by the company renting out the villa that they were cancelling all bookings.

Of course, we were and still are sad not to be visiting you this year. The reason we have not tried to rebook is not because we feel unsafe in Portugal but because we care for you all and do not want to risk bringing Covid-19 to you either from ourselves or from others on our flight.

As a family, we feel that travel should be confined to necessary reasons only until more is known about the virus and hopefully a vaccine may be found.

So please stay safe. We very much look forward to visiting again soon.

Gerry and Iain Armstrong
and family