“No time or money” to investigate alternatives to Montijo as Lisbon’s second airport

Hoax email announces ‘cancellation of Montijo airport’

Wednesday saw the announcement in various onlines that so many people have been waiting (and praying) for: ‘plans for a new passenger terminal at Montijo airbase have been cancelled’. Only they haven’t – at least not for now.

The hoax went out in the form of an email to newspapers under what appeared to be the logo of the ministry for infrastructures and habitation.

“Given the current situation of uncertainty in the tourism sector in general and airline transport in particular, the government has decided to cancel the construction project for a complementary airport at Montijo as well as remaining airport expansion projects”, said the text.

Within minutes, the government however was refuting the information, saying it was ‘false’.

With news gathering and dissemination in a fervour these days, only time will tell what really happens to a project devised in the pre-pandemic days of relative plenty envisaging a demand by ‘50 million tourists a year’ to visit Portugal (click here).

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