Hit-and-run horror on EN125

In less than 24 hours, the Algarve’s notorious accident blackspot the EN125 was the scene for new traffic carnage – one incident reminiscent of horrors from the Third World.

An 81-year-old woman was literally “cut in pieces” by two separate vehicles travelling at high speed.

Witnesses report that both increased their speed following impact, and disappeared out of sight.

Authorities are investigating, but the accident was further complicated by the fact that the woman was initially hit by a PSP agent on a motorcycle.

The force of the impact saw the agent crash his bike, and it was after this that the woman was further hit by the oncoming cars.

The accident happened at the busy point of Rio Seco, outside Faro on the way towards Olhão.

The woman was apparently crossing the road to get to her home on the other side.

Say reports, she managed to get to the central reservation but it was when she was attempting the crossing of the next two lanes that the police motorcycle hit her.

According to ‘blasting news website’, it was the police agent who called the incident in as the woman was driven over by the two other cars.

“The violence of the accident left the woman in pieces”, wrote the report. “Authorities had to mount a tent on the road to hide her mortal remains.

“The PSP agent, driver of the motorcycle that first hit her, entered into a state of shock and had to receive psychological support”.

As the GNR’s NAIV (investigation department) attempts to identify the hit-and-run drivers, they also have on their hands a second death which came the following afternoon.

The second fatality involved a motorcyclist, reported to be aged 27, who collided with a van at Troto, in Almancil.

It is not immediately clear what caused the accident. The motorcyclist appears to have hit the van with some force and become trapped underneath it.

Said reports, his death would have been immediate.

Meantime, hit-and-run accidents are reported to be on the increase.

Before either of these latest deaths, the government was ‘convening’ to try and “combat these incidents and oblige councils to reduce mortalities” on the the nation’s roads, said TSF radio.

New speed restrictions are to be implemented in areas known for accidents, but whether these can stem the rising tide of ‘hit and run’ incidents remains to be seen.

According to statistics, between January and November last year there were 400 incidents of hit and run impacts, five of them fatal.

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