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History talk: The Sephardic Diaspora

Algarve historian Peter Booker will be talking about “The Sephardic Diaspora” at an upcoming Algarve History Association event on Tuesday, March 17 in Lagoa Library at 6pm.

“We are well aware of what happened in Iberia to the Jews. Subjected to the Inquisitions of Castile and Portugal, they were hounded and harried out of Iberia.

But where did they go? Many, of course, went to North Africa, where they made ready recruits for the Barbary Corsairs, and they wrought their vengeance on the Iberian nations in a first-hand manner. Others went off to the Levant; some to Northern Europe and, in particular, The Netherlands where they found a degree of toleration that perhaps they hadn’t dreamed of. From the Netherlands, they also found their way to South America and the Caribbean,” explains Lynne Booker, co-founder of AHA. Peter traces the flight of the Sephardic community.

AHA welcomes voluntary monetary contributions at its talks to enable it to provide expenses for speakers.

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