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History talk: the Restoration of 1640

The Algarve History Association is organising a talk by historian Peter Booker about the Restoration of 1640 and the Restoration War. The first talk will be on Tuesday, November 23 in Lagoa Library at 6pm, and the second on Friday, November 26 in Tavira Library at 11am.

Peter Booker says: “After 60 years of rule by the Kings of Spain, the Portuguese decided that enough was enough, and they wanted their independence back. What in particular drove them to this change of heart, and why was 1640 such a propitious year?”

Peter will cover the miscalculations made by Spain and the current international situation which smiled on Portuguese ambition. He will cover the 28 years of struggle on the part of Portugal to break free from Spain, and the crucial parts played by Catalonia, France, the Netherlands and especially by England, and, last but not least, the marriage of the Portuguese princess D Catarina de Bragança to England’s Lothario, the recently restored Charles II, and the effect this marriage had on Tavira in the Algarve. And the bank holiday of December 1.

Talks are free to attend.

For further information, contact Lynne on [email protected]