History talk on the town of Balsa

Algarve historian Peter Kingdon Booker will be giving a talk about “Balsa” on Friday, November 3 at the Clube de Tavira at 11am. He will answer such questions as: Was Tavira a Roman town or is it even older? Why is the old bridge called The Roman Bridge? Is it really that old?

Peter addresses the history of this ancient town, uncovers the surprising moves made by the town itself and exposes the history of The Roman Bridge. Why was the Roman Empire interested in this part of Iberia?

He also examines the town of Balsa, and seeks to put it in its proper place in the context of Roman Iberia, discussing the local languages, the politics and the economics of Hispania Lusitania.

Talks are free of charge, but organisers, the Algarve History Association, welcome donations to help them in the planning of future events.

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Photo: Coins specific to Balsa (‘Balsa Cidade Perdida’ by Luís Fraga da Silva)