History Talk in English Angola, times of peace and war

Algarve History Association will be holding a talk by Júlio Costa Cardoso, under the theme ‘Angola, times of peace and war’, at the Lagoa Municipal Library on March 12 at 6pm.

Angola is now an emerging economic and political power in southern Africa.It features frequently in world news and in the Portuguese press on a daily basis. Its intriguing and eventful history has promoted an avalanche of books about Angolan colonisation and decolonisation, and stories of settlers and ‘retornados’ (returnees) inundate our bookstores and libraries.

Júlio experienced some of the most crucial and tragic events of that country during the 18 years (from January 1957 until June 1975) he lived there. He grew up and married in Angola and his children were born there.

His parents were permanently settled in Luanda and ran a snack bar business, and Julio studied at the Liceu Salvador Correia (where the current president José Eduardo dos Santos was also a student).

Joining the government service in 1964, Júlio was able to explore large areas of this enormous country as he filled different government positions. Later he joined the Portuguese Army as a lieutenant during the controversial Angolan war of Independence.

At present he is writing a book entitled Angola, Times of Peace and War. In his talk he will give a brief history of Angola, recount his experiences in Angola and discuss development in Angola following the achievement of independence in 1975.

Entrance to the talk is free.

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