History graduate revives Setúbal’s tradition for orange brandy

It is being marketed as “Licor de Laranja de Setúbal” though for now it is being produced in Silves, using oranges from Palmela.

The reason for this roundabout journey is that the tipple fell into obscurity during the last century. It is being revived by a 32-year-old history graduate who will be presenting his version of the town’s lost brandy on Thursday this week, reports Diário de Região.

Anyone who misses the presentation at Casa da Baía at 7pm can catch up with the new drink on Christmas Eve when it will be being offered either on its own, or in a chocolate cup at the town’s Christmas Fair.

Diário de Região explains that in the past Setúbal was circled by orange groves, which were exported to markets throughout Europe. As production methods became modernised, the local farmers were unable to keep up and their orchards fell into decline.

Thus André Lopes had to think laterally when he decided to bring back his hometown’s famous ‘licor’.

Says the local paper, if sales take off the plan is to try and bring production closer to home, though this would involve ‘huge investment’.

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