Historic Loulé palace reopens after renovations

Loulé’s historic Gama Lobo palace, known locally as ‘Palácio dos Espanhóis’ (Palace of the Spanish), has reopened after undergoing extensive €1.3 million renovations.

The 18thcentury building is now the headquarters of the ‘Loulé Criativo’ project, which encourages creative ways of promoting the town’s culture and traditions.

It is also the home of the Space of Knowledge, Crafts and Arts (ECOA) that “serves as a driving force for various activities: exhibitions, creative residences, workshops and training”.

The inauguration took place last Saturday (June 1) and was attended by the Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, who said that the revamp was “notable” from an architectural point of view as it respected the building’s original traits while also “incorporating new materials and elements”.

The palace is considered a landmark in terms of Loulé’s civil architecture and is located on the northern slope of the historical part of the city.

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