Historic home becomes heritage

CASCAIS CÂMARA has bought Casa de Santa Maria, the summer home of the Espírito Santo Silva family. With its unique location on the seafront between the Santa Maria Lighthouse and the Marina, the building, which is more than 100 years old is now formally part of Cascais’ cultural heritage.

The acquisition is part of the Câmara’s effort to upgrade Cascais’ historic buildings and monuments in order to make the town more attractive for tourists. The Casa de Santa Maria was designed in 1902 by well-known local architect, Raul Lino, whose name is linked to several villas, mainly in the elegant Monte Estoril area, most of which still exist today. Lino’s work is considered to be emblematic for the elegant architectural style of the Cascais area’s villas and summer residences, designed and built for royalty, aristocrats and well-to-do families.

The Casa de Santa Maria was extended in 1918, mainly to create space for an important collection of 18th century azulejos, rescued from the ruins of an old chapel.

The house was acquired for over 3.5 million euros and was financed by the PIQTUR fund for the upgrading of tourism. An additional 500,000 euros will be spent on restoring the building.