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Hire Car + Tolls = Total Confusion

Dear Editor,

I visited Burgau from April 4 to 9 and had a wonderful time as usual. I hired a car but could not discover how to pay my toll charges. The hire car company did not want to take any money from me to cover any charges incurred.

I entered the registration of the car on the CTT website but it did nothing. I drove back to the airport and returned the car at 8am on the 9th but could not pay at the post office as it is not open until after 9am.

Rather than waiting for a bill and possibly a fine, is there anything I can do online to pay what I owe?

Also, am I correct in thinking that for my next visits I would be better buying a DT, temporary device, and pre-loading it with money and keeping it topped up for future visits? I go over to Burgau about five or six times a year. Many thanks for any insight you may have.



Editor’s note: Dear Mena, thank you for your email. I suggest you contact Via Livre, the company that manages the tolls, exposing your concerns and doubts. You can address them in English and they will also respond in English. Their email is [email protected] or call 707 201 292.