Hiking and biking in the Algarve

Dear Editor,

Unquestionably these two activities should be strongly pursued as part of the Algarve’s 365 tourism strategy (and not just simply rely on golf and beaches). But yet again the apathy and vision with the relevant departments is sadly lacking.

Take the recent ECO123 Monchique Mountain Walks & Marathon; why is the main image used in all the publicity posters and Algarve Resident (December 14, 2017) of a hiker walking in a place that is certainly not Monchique and may, in fact, be a completely different country? To the organisers and sponsors of this event, there are some great views from the peaks of Picota and Fóia to promote walking in Monchique.

More people jump out of a plane over Alvor in two weeks than hike the Via Algarviana in a year, so unless management, funding and promotional campaigns are prioritised for hiking and biking then ‘Algarve 90’ will be here to stay. 

Charlie Frew MSc