High tension lines for Algarve

National energy company Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN) is due to start erecting new high tension power lines across the Algarve before the end of the year.

The aim of these new power lines is to strengthen the region’s energy supply which will eventually be linked to the Spanish national grid.

The new lines will be split into three sections.

The Portimão to Tavira 400Kv power line will cross São Bartolomeu de Messines in Silves council, Alte and Ameixal in Loulé and Cachopo in Tavira as well as passing through Almodôvar in the lower Alentejo region. It will be 50.8km in length with 126 supports and will cross part of the Rede Natura 2000, a European network of protected nature reserves. However, the project’s environmental report (RECAPE) foresees that the impact will be minimal.

The original route caused several protests from residents in Vale Fuzeiros, however REN has said that this new route “will not go over, or be neighbouring, buildings or homes”.

A second route from Estoi to Tavira will be 25.1km in length and be erected between Tavira’s substation and the parishes of Cachopo, Santa Maria and Santa Catarina Fonte do Bispo.

A third 24.9km power line will also cross these parishes as part of the Tunes to Tavira line.

For more information about REN, please visit the website, available in English, at www.ren.pt To contact REN, please telephone 210 013 500 or email any questions to [email protected]