High-speed train to Spain “priority”

news: High-speed train to Spain “priority”

A HIGH-SPEED train link between Algarve and Andalusia is a priority and even more important than the recently launched Algarve-Lisbon high-speed link, according to Arménio Martins, President of the Association of Railway Development.

Speaking at a forum held recently in Tavira, entitled “Past, Present and Future of Railways in the Sotavento Algarve”, he said the Andalusian link “will allow the Algarve to become integrated into the Spanish high-speed network, which will bring countless advantages in terms of tourism and the Algarve economy.” He added that construction of the high-speed link should begin as soon as possible, especially now that the Spanish high-speed network has reached Huelva, and that the benefits for the Algarve and for the country would justify the 100 million euro investment.

Voicing his opinions on the present state of railways in the Algarve, Martins said that the network was inadequate since the routes, unchanged for decades, had failed to keep up with regional development.