High-speed car bursts through frontier at Chaves: police lose trace

A grey Mercedes going at top speed burst through the closed frontier at Chaves in the early hours of Saturday morning, narrowly missing GNR agents and border guards who tried to stop it. Say reports, police attempted to give chase but to no avail. Suspicions are that the three men seen inside the vehicle could be the same three that fled France on Thursday, suspected of shotgun robbery and murder.

The Mercedes is described as light grey with a black roof.

If these men are the trio being sought by French authorities, they fled France for Spain (which also still has its borders ‘closed’) in an Audi, not a Mercedes – thus they may end up changing vehicles again.

The border post breached on Saturday was at Vila Verde da Raia.

Although nine points of entry are ‘barricaded’ to non-essential traffic by authorities until July 1, the understanding is that there are still minor roads that drivers use exit Spain and enter Portugal.