High-security jail for Portugal’s alleged NATO spy

Lisbon’s Monsanto jail – reserved for perpetrators of violent, transnational or organised crimes – is the new ‘home’ of Portugal’s alleged NATO spy, Frederico Carvalhão Gil.

Referred to throughout national media as “the Portuguese spy caught in flagrante in Rome”, Gil is understood to be refuting the accusations against him, which his lawyer José Preto has called “complete nonsense” (click here).

Following a three hour audience before the central criminal court of instruction on Tuesday, Gil is reported to be “strongly suspected” of the crimes of espionage, violation of State secrecy and corruption.

A previous suspicion of money-laundering has been dropped, writes national tabloid Correio da Manhã, which explains that Gil was not remanded to Évora jail – habitually used for security personnel – because authorities “fear for his physical integrity”.

Monsanto, with its “reinforced security” and small population of only 98 prisoners, is thus the pro-tem choice while the option of house arrest under electronic surveillance is being carefully considered, says the paper.
For now, Gil is described as being held in “an individual cell”.

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