High quality Riesling from the Lisbon region

High quality Riesling from the Lisbon region

With over 400 years of history, Casa Cadaval is one of the most highly reputed producers in the Lisbon area, being the first in the region (previously renowned for cheap mass-produced wine) to move into quality winemaking.

They are renowned for their Pinot Noir red, a fruit-driven pinot of great finesse in the new world style, made from Portugal’s first Pinot Noir grapes planted back in the 1960s.

Their whites, however, are less well-known, but this Riesling is worthy of note. This is a tiny production of around 2,000 bottles, so it is not easy to find; it is currently available at Apolónia, priced at €18.95 and representing good value for a Riesling of this quality.

The wine is produced in the style of a dry Alsace Riesling, light straw colour with a fresh citric aroma mingling with the variety’s trademark notes of paraffin. In the mouth, there is crisp acidity and good texture balancing well with the fruitiness.

The wine is aged on the lees for around a month before bottling and cellar-ageing for a year before release. This 2015, with a few years of ageing behind it, is already drinking very well, but a few more years should reap rewards for those of us who appreciate aged Riesling.

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