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Hi-De-Hi is coming your way

The Algarveans Experimental Theatre is already steaming ahead with their autumn play, Hi-De-Hi, based on the successful comic TV series set in Maplins Holiday Camp in the late 50s.

Auditions for all of the parts are being held at the end of May and both members of the group and anyone interested in joining and taking part in this highly entertaining play to be staged in October are invited to go along.

Play director Jenny Grainer said: “Could you be Gladys Pugh, the yellow coat with an over accentuated Welsh accent, or Jeffrey the public school manager of the holiday camp? How about the comic Ted Bovis and his sidekick in the funny costumes Spike?

“There are lots of parts small and large, so why not come along and try out? If you prefer you can be part of the backstage team or helping out in the foyer of the theatre. There are all sorts of jobs and being part of the production can be a lot of fun – especially on this one.”

Auditions are being held on Wednesday May 30, starting at 7.30pm, at the Silves Cine Theatre. Doors open from 7pm.

The Algarveans’ spring production of Poor Old Uncle George is on at Lagoa Auditorium this weekend (see advert on page 48).

Further details about the play and try out parts of the script can be obtained from Jenny Grainer on 282 381 201 or email [email protected]